Japanese Calendar and Holidays

Japanese calendars often include holidays,events alongside the days and months.

Japan is said to have drawn up its first calendar in 604, based on techniques developed in China and brought to its islands via the Korean Peninsula. Over the subsequent centuries, seasonal events and observances have filled out the traditional record of the year. Months in the former lunar calendar started when it was a new moon, while a full moon marked their midway point. As each year had only 354 days, it was sometimes necessary to add an intercalary month.
Although Japan adopted the standard Gregorian calendar in 1873, many aspects of its former calendar are still in use today. Some festivals are still held to match traditional dates, and calendar printers may include the latter on their publications.
Japan has the following public holidays:New Year's Day,Coming of Age Day,National Foundation Day,The Emperor's Birthday,Vernal Equinox,Showa Day,Constitution Memorial Day,Greenery Day,Children's Day,Sea Day,Mountain Day,Respect for the Aged Day,Autumnal Equinox,Sports Day,Culture Day,Labor Thanksgiving Day.

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