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Japanese (にほんご Nihongo), whose text is called Japanese, is a language primarily spoken by the Yamato tribe on the Japanese archipelago.

Although Japan does not legally specify its official language, various laws stipulate the use of Japanese, and Japanese is taught as the national language in school education. It is an indisputable fact that Japanese is the official language of Japan. Although there is no precise statistics on the Japanese-speaking population, counting the population in Japan and the Japanese and Japanese people living outside Japan, the number of Japanese speakers should exceed 130 million. Almost all Japanese nationals born and raised in Japan are native speakers of Japanese.

This Japanese translator provides you with the best online Japanese translation function. Even if you do not have any Japanese foundation, it will not prevent you from reading Japanese-related articles and books. Of course, you can also translate the content into Japanese. You need to write an email or follow When communicating with Japanese speakers, stop turning to others for help.

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